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Rayuelo 2015

Red Wine, 8 months french Oak barrels of 300lts



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Color and Appearance: Cherry intense color.
Nose / Aroma: Unusaul, almost white wine-like aromas in the nose, perhaps cypress, something herbal with a core of wild berries.
Mouth / Flavors: The palate has the rusticity of the grape, wich is welcomed and very good freshness, slightly dusty tannins and a feint bitterness in the finish.
Recommendations: Temperature 15 - 16º C
Food Pairing: .
Kind of wine: Red Wine
Grape Varieties: 100% Bobal
Vintage: 2015
Ageing: 8 months in french oak barrels of 300 L
Alcohol: 14% vol
Formats: 0,75L
Grape harvest: Manual
Viticulture: Ecological
Peñín Guide: 91

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Rayuelo 2015



Located in Landete, Cuenca ....somewhere between three provinces: Valencia, Cuenca and Teruel.

Altolandon philosophy is make quality wines and therefore quality grapes. They take care of every single thing that has to do with the vineyard from the time of planting, choosing varieties, feet and the most suitable clones for our climate and each type of soils.

Altitude give us the perfect conditions to produce high quality wines to give them a unique and special features in the world. The wine comes from the grape, but the altitude where they grow and terroir where it comes from are essential to the final result.

A higher, more and better solar radiation and thus the temperature range is greater. More altirude, more tannins. Thealtitude provides a cooling effect that increases the rate of acidity due to thermal shocks. Accumulation of aromas and flavors. These climatic conditions mean that during the last months of gestation period of the grape, this makes a slow and prolonged maturation.

So they go over sustained, small and with a greater proportion of skins that pulp, essential for red case because in the skins are grain tannins. The wines from these grapes offer a variety of color, depth and breadth of flavors and great complexity on the palate, also become more suitable for aging in barrels, since the higher acidity and proportion of tannins, the greater the possibility to obtain wines.

The grape reaches a high degree of perfection.

In Altolandon we are respectful to the environment , therefore all our plots are grown organically ,

In the high lands, wind clean the air and vegetation is in excellent health thanks to the absence of pesticides


The whole property is separated by variety and types of soils.

A prior to planting study was made to know which varieties would be most suitable for each one of the different types of soils, .... poor soils and unproductive, sandy loam and ston.


Altitud is 1100 meters at the highest point. The property has a total of 120 hectares and in the middle of them is biult the winery.


They have a wide selection of varieties such as Malbec, Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc as red grapes and Chardonnay and Muscat Petit Grain , Petit Manseng, Viognier, white Grenache ... as white varieties, all selected and appropriate to the soil in which they are planted..

Know more: www.altolandon.com

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