Clara Verheij and André Both are the owners of Bentomiz Winery in DO Sierras de Málaga, with exceptional vineyards to elaborate unic wines.

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    Red Wine
    Málaga y Sierras de Málaga

    Red Wine, 6 months in new french and american oak barrels

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    Naturally Sweet White Wine
    Málaga y Sierras de Málaga

    Naturally sweet unfortified white wine, 6 months in new French oak barrels

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    White Wine Crianza
    Málaga y Sierras de Málaga

    White Wine Crianza, 8 months with its fine lees

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Bodegas Bentomiz

Clara Verheij and André Both, Dutch hispanofilos, moved to the Axarquia region in 1995.

The passion for wine was the cause that they rescue exceptional vineyards, to produce their own wines.

With their Spanish team, they were rescuing and rebuilding its vineyards; They planted new vineyards, acquired the neighbouring vineyards, created a production area, so its first wine could see the light, the beginning of a dream. Its outstanding quality was obvious, but the quantity, no doubt limited. Clearly there was a potential for this wine in a market of high quality... but a leap of faith was necessary to achieve this.

In 2005 Andre began the construction of Bodegas Bentomiz: a magnificent building in the Bauhaus style, bright and airy inside, covered in slate that combines perfectly with the landscape. Since then demand has grown rapidly both in Spain and internationally since Ariyanas wines are already well known for the lovers of wine from all over the world.


Bodegas Bentomiz is located near Sayalonga, Málaga, in a landscape of hills overlooking the Mediterranean, in the D.O. Sierras de Málaga.


The area enjoys good rainfall in winter and long dry summers, with a heat softened by the sea breeze.


Many of the vineyards of Bentomiz Wineries are trees, its grapes are subtly influenced by the minerality of a schist soil. The combination of these magnificent natural active ingredients with modern winemaking techniques resulting in the production of fresh and delicate wines Ariyanas.

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