Bodegas Comenge stems from the desire of Jaime Comenge great wines that express the place where they come from, the vines cultivated with ecological viticulture in the Ribera del Duero.

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    Red Wine Reserva
    Ribera del Duero

    Red Wine Reserva, 18 months in french oak barrels

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    Red Wine Reserva
    Ribera del Duero

    Red Wine Crianza, 27 months in french oak barrels

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    Red Wine Crianza
    Ribera del Duero

    Red Wine Crianza, 15 months in french and american oak barrels

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    Red Wine
    Ribera del Duero

    Red Wine, 5 months in french oak barrels

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Bodegas Comenge

When in 1999 D. Jaime Comenge starts his desire to produce a wine, have a clear idea: the vine is the main pillar of the character and the personality of a wine and therefore she must look at each step of the process. With this idea, Bodegas Comenge has created a philosophy of development, sustained by innovation and research, to express the true charm of the vineyard in the purest and most authentic manner possible.


The Ribera del Duero is a worldwide unique climate. The long, cold winters make the vegetative cycle of the vine shorter than usual, a limiting factor in terms of the production.


The terrain is another of the peculiarities of this area that influences how the climatic conditions of each vintage affect vineyard. In the western section where it is Bodegas Comenge found great variability of land ranging from the Moors, the slopes, slopes, terraces and campinas, it is also necessary to add the orientation of the plots.


Bodegas Comenge has 32 hectares of vineyard located mostly on the slopes of Curiel and Pesquera de Duero, among the 780 and 880 meters of altitude.


The cultivation of the vineyards of Bodegas Comenge is exclusively ecological certificate. This reversed directly in the flavor of the grapes in their wines.

Yields are small: keep the vegetation cover, making the vineyard in a natural garden, in a diverse ecosystem that brings balance to the strain and health to us themselves.

The wines are born in the vineyard. The labor of his winemaker is important, but it is essential not to mask the terroir, expressed each vintage in elegant and balanced.

The harvest is selected by hand, first clusters and later shelled grape, so that deposit only pass the grapes perfectly healthy and mature. Again are the careful hands of man that returned to caress the grapes.


Reds: Tempranillo; essence of the Ribera del Duero, and the Cabernet sauvignon; the Queen of these varieties. Whites: the Verdejo; the wines from wheel race of DO Rueda.

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