Internet has become a great medium where we can find virtually all wines in the world, from the finest to the most common of all varieties, shades, and prices, with the same guarantees offered by the physical stores. It is important that we identify trusted vendors, and that they provide us all the information needed to make our purchases safely, with whom we can contact easily.

For those who love wine, the Internet is a very interesting tool, since it allows us to find, without moving, complete information about this world, with care know choose the sources that offer a true and honest reporting.

At Mundovinum we want that experience delve into this world, may further raise your interest in knowing it. Therefore, put at your disposal a team of professionals you that will help you in your choice, and will resolve any doubts you had.

We want our customers to have clear what kind of wine want to buy; Thus, defining the strategy of purchase. Know if this is a wine gift, if we want to continue projecting our particular Winery, if our concerns are the expand our universe sensory, or simply, we want to make an investment.

Then we offer you some tips to try to help you in the exciting experience which means buy wine, both when selecting bottles as the shop. To do this, we put at your disposal a Department of care staff; where we will help you delighted.

We help you with a few tips for selecting your wines

  1. It is important that we continue our personal tastes, and to incorporate new records
  2. To learn and enjoy this world, it is advisable to try other wines
  3. We suggest to search those wines that go with our meals favourites
  4. Help you choose fine wines at a moderate price
  5. We recommend not to buy more wines that we can consume or keep in tip-top condition
  6. When and how to buy wines

A few basic tips that guarantee our confidence

  • Who trust, make a secure purchase
  • Inform us of the State of the bottles
  • The importance of packing and transport
  • Payment methods: types, characteristics, safety and cost
  • Inform us of the confidentiality and protection in the treatment of your personal data
  • Meet the consumer attention offices

Our tips for the selection of wines

1. It is important that we continue our personal tastes, and to incorporate new records

We defend the idea that reza have whom to like wine is to oneself. For this reason, we recommend that we fiemos the criterion of our taste and buy wines of the varieties of grape, type and time of breeding, sensorial characteristics, development and even the mark of those who love us.

A very successful strategy is to buy bottles of those wineries whose wines often us like always. As we go adding new records, and note those of others; We have tasted in restaurants, or friends or relatives, or anywhere else, and that we have nice results, and that we have enjoyed; We recommend to look at ratings and tasting notes from reliable sources such as specialized guides (The Wine Advocate de Robert Parker, Peñín GuideWine SpectatorDecanter, Gourmets Guide, Stephen Tanzer's Wine CellarRené Gabriel...), publications, websites, etc., will give us more valuable information that we can use in our next selection.

As we go trying other wines, our range will grow with new nuances, thus improving our sensory perception. As we go trying new wines, our interest will grow, which will enrich us further, something that will allow us to enjoy more of this exciting world.

2. To learn and enjoy this world, it is advisable to try other wines

It is highly recommended that we encourage to try as possible wines, something that will help educate our senses and we will greatly enrich. This will guide us in our final choice.

It is important that when we have a new chance, for example, in a restaurant, ask and listen to the sommelier, that you have our tastes, so we advise in the choice; a perfect occasion to dare with new proposals.

In Mundovinum we organize tastings aimed at our customers in order to expand you those knowledge about different denominations, wineries and wines.  And recommend the fascinating experience of visiting wineries, winemaker will explain in detail the process of selection, preparation, ageing, aging, and conservation of its products.

In our wine club, once we are registered, we will send you useful information that will facilitate you the selection process, as well as those preferences that we have outstanding, always attending a balance of price/quality of our wines.

3We suggest to search those wines that go with our favorite foods

When we enjoyed a dish, wine is the perfect accompaniment. Know pair our dishes with appropriate wines will make they complement each other, and improve our feelings. The pairing will establish the balance between the dish and the wine, so that none of them stand out from the other.

The pairing is an art, but its foundations are not complex. You just have to skillfully combine the size and complexity of the wine with the meal that we have chosen to succeed in our selection.

The girth of the wine has to be similar to the dish. Thus, for example, meat from hunting, roasted meats, fish with powerful sauces and cheeses prefer wines broad, enveloping aroma and with some tannins on the palate and long finish. These wines are usually red with a long stay in barrels, crianzas and reservas.

In terms of the complexity, care must be taken that it is complementary to the dish. However, with simple dishes, with very specific flavors and aromas, are best accompanied by sensory nuance-rich wines: wines rich in aromas, spicy and toasted notes, balsamic aromas, minerals... On the other hand, we would do the pairing of the complex dishes, wines easier to understand, more direct wines, with a scent and predominantly concrete flavor.

Sometimes we will try to highlight one of them or deal with them, in the event that both have lots of character, select a wine with flavor and intensity very different to the dish. In this way, we will get different sensations.

4Help you choose fine wines at a moderate price

In MundoVinum have a wide selection of quality wines for a very interesting price, less than 15 euros. But if what we want is a wine that stands out, and give us a touch of distinction to our winery, we have some more select wine. We can see the broad spectrum of which we have to choose a great wine, a little expanding our budget. 

It is possible to buy the more expensive wines just as they are put on the market or, if you have the opportunity, but we must bear in mind whenever we acquire a wine, its optimal conservation will depend on where and how is our winery. Some wines, kept in optimal conditions, increase in value over time and end up being an excellent investment.

At MundoVinum, our wines come directly from the winery, so we make sure that it has not been stored improperly by any intermediary, enabling us to ensure their conditions to the delivery.

We must pay special attention to the conservation of those wines that we have acquired, minimizing so they could be damaged by a bad conservation.

We also offer our help adjusting to characteristics that indicate, and the budget, facilitating in this way the choice of your wines.

5. We recommend not to buy more wines that we can consume or store in optimal conditions

A vinotheque heated with large capacity where to preserve wine in optimal conditions is not always available. For those who have provided a space as traditional wine cellar, is required a stay cool, ventilated, low light, without sudden changes in temperature and humidity, and can be shortly after. It is difficult to provide an ideal space in the vast majority of our houses. We recommend to have a heated wine bar, as there are of very different sizes, and varied budgets.

The wine may be of different sizes, while its size subject to the rate of consumption. His ability will determine the maximum number of bottles that we buy. In the event that their consumption is not going to be immediate, required that wines are kept in optimal conditions. Very important it is that we inform each wine cellaring time, this will determine their optimum point of consumption, and the maximum time that we must save it.

In this sense, it is important to note that, although the conservation conditions are very good, wines have a maximum time of stay in the bottle, can damage these if time spent is excessive.

6When and how to buy wines

Increasingly, wine enthusiasts who are interested in storage.

It can be a good investment, as well as a pleasure, keep a great wine until its climax, but there are who buy a special bottle for any singular event such as a birthday, a birth, and saves it at times too long.

In MundoVinum we recommend the following councils:

  • Have a winery or wine cooler that allows us to keep the wine in optimum conditions.
  • Control the time of aging and not keep the bottle most of which it recommended to the winery or its reference source (Guide, book, web).
  • Buy bottles at the point where they exit the market will be more economical. (see point 4)
  • If it is to save for many years, acquire better format magnum (1.5 liters) than the standard of 0.75 litres, wine ageing is slower in a large bottle (oxygen seeping through the plug is divided between more quantity of wine, decreasing their proportion). In addition, having greater mass, thermal fluctuations inside are lower and wine surface exposed to light is also less, proportionally.
  • Quality wines, which elegantly maintained its structure over time and, if possible, with lots of fruit wines, a marked acidity and good tannins (fruit trees, not astringent) are preferable.

In MundoVinum tend to indicate time of guard recommended on the tabs of the wines, but is never more compare it with other sources (Winery, guide, etc.). In case of doubt, our staff will be glad to answer them.

Shop in confidence

Who trust, make a secure purchase

Trust stores offer quality products and impeccable service. In the case of wine, the product quality is highly dependent on the producer, but trade also has some responsibility, since it is who has included it in its offer and who has handled it for a certain period of time. Thus, a wine that clearly does not have the expected quality does not say much in favor of the store that sells it.

As for the service, it is important that the customer has the following information and guarantees:

  • Complete and quality information on wine: Add, varieties of grape alcohol, Winery, tasting notes and, if possible, an independent valuation which producers provide.
  • Updated content: a trust shop constantly renews its contents and is abreast of the innovations that appear on the market.
  • Clarity of the purchase terms: price of wine and transport, taxes, payment, delivery and refund guarantees.
  • Company data: presentation, name, address, CIF, phone, e-mail and contact form.
  • Payment security: necessary for the transmission of personal data under secure connection.
  • Money-back guarantee: If the bottle does not arrive in condition as having suffered any damage during transport, wine is not in good condition or simply does not meet your expectations, all trade trust must replace it with a new bottle or another came, or refund the corresponding amount.
  • Inform us of the State of the bottles: one of the advantages of buying a quality online store is that all bottles remain in the cellar until the time of their issuance. That is, that the bottles have not been exposed to high temperatures or light in any window.

In any case, there are a number of indicators that can help you determine if a wine has come in good condition:

  • If the Cork out or appear sticky wine stains around the capsule, it might be due to sudden temperature variations at some point during storage or transport.
  • If the level of the wine is lower than usual, it is possible that Cork present some major flaw and has let slip some of the liquid, with the consequent possible oxidation of the rest of the wine.

Other phenomena, such as the emergence of dregs or sediments at the bottom of the bottle, or even small crystals or grains of sugar on the inside face of Cork (son of tartaric acid precipitates), are not absolute indicators of a bad conservation of the wine, but on the contrary, of less handling of the product, and do not affect the aromas or the taste of the wine.

The importance of packing and transport

Wine is a product that must be transported in very special conditions to prevent that its quality can be affected. The packing must be sufficiently strengthened to protect bottles from possible shocks and external transit attacks, as well as the friction between them, and the transit time should not exceed the week.

A trade of confidence shall not be closed a sale until the customer did not receive your wine in good condition. I.e., which will inform you promptly of the status of your order and respond quickly to any request by this.

Payment methods: types, characteristics, safety and cost

There is a wide variety of payment methods, especially in online stores, although the most common is to pay by bank transfer, credit card or cash on delivery.

Bank transfer

The transfer fee is completely safe, since the money goes from one account to another and is proof of payment for any subsequent claim. Just go with a little care and advise on your bank if the Bank of Commerce is not their country or free trade zone.

Credit card

This means of payment is very advantageous for the buyer, because it is very comfortable and is much safer than using it at a traditional trade.

MundoVinum electronic payment system is attached to the 4B e-commerce payment gateway. All the data provided for this purpose (number, expiration date and validation code) are encrypted under the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to ensure greater safety of the same, and can not be intercepted while are transmitted across the network. MundoVinum has a safety certificate issued by the company e-commerce Thawte.

Cash on delivery

It is the form of payment more reasonable when trade does not offer sufficient guarantees of security and confidentiality. For consumers, it offers the advantage of not having to pay nothing until you do not have the product in their hands, but have the disadvantage of having to pay a Commission, due to the risk and cost to comporta management both for trade to the carrier. MundoVinum applies a Commission of 5% (with a variable minimum depending on the destination).

If we choose this method of payment, it is important to have the money ready cash, and if possible the amount fair, since the product can not be delivered if not paid in full. Once paid, the carrier must give the proof of payment, necessary for any claim.

Inform us of the confidentiality and protection in the treatment of your personal data

The personal data provided by customers to trade should be treated confidentially. It is important therefore that all online shop offers its users a guarantee of security and privacy that explains the treatment which will give to this data and that expose the rights that every citizen has according to the law.

Meet the consumer attention offices

If any trade not attend their claims, you can request protection and advice in the customer service offices and consumer associations:


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