Who we are

Who are we?

MundoVinum born with the vocation of providing an extensive catalogue online, specialized in national wines and wines of the world, at the disposal of our clients, under advice personalized for professionals of the world of wine, and constantly updated.

How we work?

Directly with the winery. How much less manipulation has a better wine will be their conditions. Avoid storing past vintages, offering a range of products which we update constantly. The wines are delicate and their conservation should be optimal to preserve all their qualities, therefore, in MundoVinum we guarantee the excellent quality of our products.

We offer our customers a great selection of wine online

We have a wide range of Spanish wines from a wide range of prices and with a wide variety of styles, which we update constantly, to be able to offer our customers the possibility of finding any wine wishing: wines from modern classic style, wines of different appellations of origin, protected geographical indications, payment wine, quality wine,... We offer wines from all the Spanish denominations, from large producers to smaller.

In our catalog we also offer wines from other regions of the world, a wide selection of wines from other countries (France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, California, Australia, New Zealand...) who renew in order to approach the world of wine to our customers. We complete our range of products with distillates Premium, Gourmet products, with a selection of oils, Iberian, cheeses... which we update constantly with new references and vintages, and the latest developments in the market.

In our section sales private or MundoVinum Club we offer a monthly selection of wines carefully selected by our team of sommeliers, a very interesting value for our customers.

Another main differential MundoVinum seals is our vocation to offer an exquisite service to the client, avoiding impersonal practices so common in online trading. In MundoVinum, we are always at your disposal to help you in everything that is in our hands.

If you are looking for a specific wine and not find it in our store, just ask us about it, we look for it.

Guarantee of quality and service

We work directly with the winery for wine always in the best conditions of conservation, avoiding in this way, that defects may appear incorrect storage. The less handling a wine less susceptible it is damaged. Therefore, at MundoVinum we guarantee the quality of all our products, and if any were not in good condition, remove it you without any cost for you.

Our team is at your disposal to help you in the choice of your wines

In addition to our recommendations, we put at your disposal our consulting team, always ready to help you in the choice of your wines according to your tastes, preferences and needs.

We are at your dispousal for any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

From Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon, and with long opening hours, serve the requests of our customers, by telephone or by e-mail in the following languages: Spanish, English...

Special services: gifts, emergency, in hotels

We offer you the possibility of ordering your orders as gift, so simply email us with what you want, and we'll get underway. Likewise, if you need to arrange urgent consignments or send wines to other countries, we guarantee delivery.

Wine tourism

We offer a wide range of choices of wine tourism, we organize visits to wine cellars, wine tasting commented,... Also operate for business meetings, events, weddings... Our Customer Service is at your disposal for whatever you need, send us your proposal, and we organize you.


Nuestra Misión

The aim of our company in the long term, defined according to the criterion of weight of the decisions and actions to achieve this:

• To create value and make a difference.

• Communicate and convey honest and responsibly the wine culture.

• Exceed the expectations of our customers.

Our values

• Leadership: the effort of professional customer and results oriented.

• Teamwork: encouraging participation to achieve a common goal, sharing information and knowledge.

• Integrity: be transparent in our project.

• Passion: be committed to wine culture.

• Quality: pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision

• Products: offer a diverse portfolio of products and quality services that anticipate and satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers.

• Employees: developing a work area to create a safe and lasting value.

• Environment: be responsible with our community and environment, helping to build a respectful and sustainable way.

We are at your dispousal for any questions:

Customer Service

91 129 11 11


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