- 5% La Mateo Vendimia 2015

La Mateo Vendimia 2016

Red Wine Crianza, 14 months in french and american oak barrels


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Color and Appearance: Bright ruby ​​red color with high and little coat evolved.
Nose / Aroma: Very intense aromas of cassis and ripe fruit (strawberry, blackberry and plums), accompanied by spices and sweet notes of toasted wood.
Mouth / Flavors: Balanced, tasty, long and with a final broad, creamy and balsamic.
Recommendations: Temperature: 16 - 18º C
Food Pairing: Hunting stews, roast suckling pig and lamb, grilled beef, cured cheeses and steak tartar.
Kind of wine: Red Wine Crianza
Grape Varieties: 70 % Tempranillo, 27 % Garnacha, 3 % Graciano
Vintage: 2016
Ageing: 14 months in new french and american oak barrels.
Alcohol: 14% vol
Formats: 0,75L
Production: Limited
Viticulture: Age of vines: more than 55 years.

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La Mateo Vendimia 2016


Bodegas D. Mateos

In 1886, a young couple decided to plant a small vineyard on the slopes of the mountain of Yerga, without knowing the importance of that decision in the following generations.

138 years later, that vineyard gives rise to the 100 hectares in which today, Bodegas d. Mateos, designs emotions through his wines, leaving a unique mark. A winery with so much history, that its walls whisper every night, the stories of grandmothers who narrated their grandchildren to sleep. Now, refuge from the disturbing afternoons between cousins, with the essence of grandmother Wilhelmina, watching that her legacy is not lost.

Seven generations later, it dawns in Aldeanueva de Ebro, the first ray of sunlight that sneaks through the slits of the blinds, lights each wall of the room as if it were gunpowder, writing in the corners unique languages, emotions. Mateo puts one foot on the ground, with a new story to tell, ideas that flutter through a fixed line, overcoming. Only one maxim that is repeated every morning, the means by which it expresses it, the wine and its 5 senses, the rest, simple desire for knowledge that will change the future of the wines.


Bodegas D. Mateos is located in Aldeanueva de Ebro, the heart of Rioja Baja Wines.


Bodegas D. Mateos owns 100 hectares in the heart of the Lower Rioja. They draw a sea of ​​vines at the foot of Mount Yerga. Wrapped in the aroma of thyme and rosemary, it hides the best of our secrets, roots steeped in history with vines of up to 70 years. Plots in glass, taken care of from the pruning to the most exquisite selection of the grape, where it is separated according to the wine that is decided to make, because the best intention is born of the details, of four farms with a well defined character.

"Cae el sol entre nuestras ideas, damos forma a nuestros sueños con el principal objetivo de conferir ese carácter genérico de los terroirs, apostando por la calidad frente a la cantidad, transmitiendo a nuestros vinos las características del campo."

"Todos tenemos una historia que contar. La nuestra transcurre entre viñas, frío, sudor, barricas, catas, esperanzas, contingencias y también alegrías. Son jornadas y jornadas a lo largo de trescientos sesenta y cinco días."

Bodegas D. Mateos

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