- 10% Regina Viarum Godello 2018

Regina Viarum Godello 2021

White Wine, 3 months in french oak barrels with its lees

Ribeira Sacra

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Color and Appearance: Wine of bright, clean. Intensity of light and golden.
Nose / Aroma: First pleasant aromatic impression, intense fruit mature with great intensity.
Mouth / Flavors: Series fruit respecting the variety godello and good Woods.
Kind of wine: White Wine
Grape Varieties: 100% Godello
Vintage: 2021
Ageing: 3 months in french oak barrels
Alcohol: 13% vol
Production: 7.000 bottles
Soils: Pizarra descompuesta sobre roca madre.
Location: Amandi. Sober

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Regina Viarum Godello 2021


Bodegas Regina Viarum

Regina Viarum is located in the heart of the area of Amandi, under the denominación de origen Ribeira Sacra, where unique wines.

This area has a geographical and climatic characteristics that make it especially suitable for the cultivation of the vine and the production of high quality wines.

 With a south-southwest direction, strains are protected from the cold winds of the North and the Sun bathes the terraces throughout the day. Stone heated by the Sun during the day reduces the temperatures fall in nocturnal to avoid frosts.

Terraces cultivation makes that strains, when it rains, collect the necessary water, since it is not apoza as follows its course until you reach the river. These characteristics are that differentiate the Mencía grape of of other denominations and subzones of the Ribeira Sacra, Amandi.

The choice of the name of their winery part of this ancient source: Regina Viarum, name with which the Romans referred to the Queen of the roads: the Via Appia. A tribute to men who instilled in them love of wine and a land that after more than 2,000 years of history still continues to amaze the world with their wines.


The Regina Viarum wineries are located in the place of Doade, municipality of Sober, Lugo. Recently built, it has maintained in its design elements of traditional construction in the area and they have equipped it with the winemaking equipment of the highest quality. Surrounded by our ancient terraces, in an environment of appreciation for their history and tradition.


20 hectares of vineyards controlled, they do a hard work in viticulture, being oriented pruning theirr agricultural experts to get lower yields but higher quality grapes, carrying out controls of maturation (sugar, total acidity, colour and polyphenols index points), basic parameters for our wines.



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