La Prohibición 2017

Red Wine Crianza, 19 months in french oak barrels

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Nose / Aroma: Fragante, la fruta seduce la nariz, cereza guinda también violetas y la barrica escondida detrás.
Mouth / Flavors: Tinta china, toques a hierba, especias y en boca equilibrado, fresco y vivo.
Winemaker notes: La Prohibición un vino con estilo propio donde la garnacha tintorera se expresa con un marcado carácter atlántico, ofreciéndonos fuertes sensaciones. Su gran acidez, columna vertebral del vino, nos permitirá disfrutarlo a lo largo de los años sin atisbos
Recommendations: Temperature: 16 - 18º C
Kind of wine: Red Wine Crianza
Grape Varieties: 100% Garnacha tintorera
Vintage: 2017
Ageing: 19 months in french oak barrels
Alcohol: 14,5% vol
Production: 4.000 botellas
Viticulture: Garnachas tintoreras centenarias ubicadas sobre suelos con auténtica vocación vitícola, cultivadas sobre empinadas laderas son la fuente de La Prohibición. Viñas formadas en vaso según la tradición y plantadas a alta densidad que requieren una intervenció
Peñín Guide: 94

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La Prohibición 2017


Viñedos y Bodegas Pittacum

Since Viñedos y Bodegas Pittacum first opened for business, its mission has been clear: to create wines with personality, which - without losing sight of the hallmark features of the Mencía variety and the local area and climate - bear a unique stamp.

Personality, reliability and quality are the three key words that define their commitment.

The quality of a great wine inevitably depends on the excellence of the raw material. The productivity and age of the vines are key factors in achieving a fine product.

The fact that different places have different soils, slopes, orientations and microclimates means that we can obtain grapes with characteristics that also differ widely. Each variety is processed separately, before being mixed in exactly the right proportions.

Their extensive knowledge and experience of wine-making in the region ensures that at their winery only the finest grapes are used for the finest wine.


Viñedos y Bodegas Pittacum is located in Arganza, a town with a longstanding vine-growing and wine-making heritage, and nestled in the extraordinarily beautiful landscape of the "Bierzo Region". An area with its own inimitable accents that make it stand apart from any other wine-producing region in the Iberian Peninsula.

They are in the Denomination of Origin Bierzo, situated in the northwest of León province.


The area has a very special microclimate. Its mild, calm and rather temperate climate is regulated by a humidity similar to the humidity of Galicia. But it also boasts Castilla dryness so maintaining a characteristic water balance. Its low altitude prevents late frosts on the whole which makes it mild enough for early grape harvesting that generally takes place a month earlier than the rest of Castilla and the Rioja.


The mountain soil constitutes a mixture of refined elements, quartzite, chalks, and the lowland areas of the valleys are enriched by the continuous benefits of the soil on the slopes. In the Bierzo region the vineyards are situated primarily on damp black and slightly acidic soil and as such lack the carbonates typical of humid climates.


Besides their own 5 hectares of excellent old vines, when making Pittacum en Viñedos y Bodegas Pittacum seeks the finest grapes from different parts of Bierzo area, monitoring their development all year round as scrupulously as in their own vineyards.

They only select old vines (between 50 and 80 years old), growing on poor soils with the suitable production rates.

Regular checks of each vineyard enable us to choose the ideal plots and time for them to be harvested.

Grupo Terras Gauda

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