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Barcolobo La Rinconada 2018

Red Wine, 4 months in french oak barrels

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Color and Appearance: Intense with violet shades, clean and bright cherry red colour.
Nose / Aroma: Aromas of fresh fruit, in perfect harmony with the wood.
Mouth / Flavors: On the palate is fruity, fresh, friendly and agile.
Recommendations: Temperature 15 - 16º C
Kind of wine: Red Wine
Grape Varieties: 100% Tempranillo
Vintage: 2018
Ageing: 4 months in french oak barrels
Alcohol: 13,5% vol
Acidez: 5,6 g/l
Formats: 0,75L
Grape harvest: Manual

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Barcolobo La Rinconada 2018



A commitment was made in 2001 to revive the old dream and recover the wine-making tradition that once thrived at La Rinconada. The most suitable plots of land were reconverted into vineyards, while an old barn and grain store now houses the winery installations. Barcolobo Winery produce unic wines in Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León.

Barcolobo philosophy is based on an approach that involves the highest degree of respect for the grape, in which the great care taken over the various aspects of the work at a vineyard throughout the year guarantees raw materials of the utmost excellence. The soils and vines enjoy an intimate relationship and can be said to explain a large part of the original and typical nature of the wines produced by BARCOLOBO.


The Winery can be found on the La Rinconada estate, an extraordinary and picturesque natural landscape in the Castronuño region (Valladolid) where the river Duero flows in the form of a sickle to form the shape of the land on which the estate sits (hence the name – rinconada means cornered or cut-off in Spanish). This place boasts a long crop and livestock farming and hunting tradition within the privileged surroundings of the “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” Nature Reserve, a habitat of exceptional value for such wildlife species as the purple heron, deer, wild boar, eaglets and countless other animals. This space of incredible natural beauty and value is home to both the vineyards and the winery.


Barcolobo's vineyards cover an area of 20 hectares and contain the Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. The land is characterised by its sandy and rocky soils that, together with the continental climate influenced by the Atlantic (cold winters and hot summers), play a fundamental role in developing the stock and producing grapes of exceptional quality and high concentration.


Barcolobo produce a different wines, shying away from the classic results to come up with something in which the harmony between fruit and wood represents a balance that is capable of conquering the palate of all wine lovers. It is a wine to be enjoyed and impresses all who try it.

Barcolobo aims to be an expressive wine, elegant in nature, where one glass encourages another.


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